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Single Session 

Everyone needs to connect with their psychotherapist. You may be understandably nervous about talking to a complete stranger about your innermost thoughts. This is the reason why I offer a free discovery call in the first instance. After that, you may feel ready to book a single in-person or online 50 minute appointment before you decide if I am the right choice for you and you move forward with regular sessions. I actively encourage clients to take this route.

Short Term Psychotherapy

You may have a particular issue and goal to your therapy. Perhaps you have a particular relationship which needs attention, or are dealing with a loss or anxiety about work. These are the kind of issues which can respond well to a regular short term set of sessions with a clear goal in mind that can be established and discussed.

Open Ended Psychotherapy 

The Psychodynamic Psychotherapy approach starts from the premise that issues we are experiencing in the here and now,  may actually have their origins in our past.  Problems or issues which feel as though they are recurrent and repeat over time may be more deep rooted. These issues take time to explore and deserve more exploration, enabling time to feel safe and open enough to examine past experiences which may be traumatic in nature. Open ended psychotherapy, meeting once a week, at the same time on the same day for 50 minutes allows the space, time and opportunity to do this. 

Ready to move forward?

The first step is always the most difficult, so please reach out and book a no-obligation discovery call so we can have a talk about what's worrying you. 

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