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About Me

I started my journey over 18 years ago as a volunteer in a hospice, listening to patients who were terminally ill or receiving end of life care.

The volunteering taught me about compassion. It was a very grounding and profound experience to listen to people sharing their most personal and intimate thoughts and feelings.

I then started volunteer work at the Maytree Centre. The centre offers suicide respite to anyone who needs it. Individuals in crisis are given a voice, listened to and given the freedom to air their darkest thoughts without judgement. For so many, and especially for men, expressing deep rooted feelings can be hard, almost taboo.


These experiences led me to train in psychodynamic psychotherapy.

Psychotherapy is a talking and listening therapy with strong boundaries and I never underestimate that talking to a stranger can be an incredibly daunting prospect. As a qualified psychotherapist my work is regulated to ensure that there are ethics in place and that confidentiality is at the heart of the work.

I enjoy my work and feel privileged to be able to sit alongside people coming in to contact with their feelings and emotions in order to find a different way forward.

The first step is often the hardest. Reach out today if you feel I might be able to help.

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My Approach

I have found that many people approaching therapy find it a daunting step to talk to somebody they have never met, about very personal issues.  This feeling is completely understandable and I don't underestimate how hard it can be to take this first step. Building trust and knowing you are in a safe and confidential space is at the heart of the work I undertake. 


With this in mind, I recommend either picking up the phone or emailing me and taking the opportunity to schedule a free fifteen-minute discovery call to discuss what it is that has brought you to seek therapy.   On this call we can discuss the options available to you, how I work and if the work that I undertake is suitable for where you are and what it is you are seeking. 

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